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Leonard Point-of-Use Valves now achieve 0.25 GPM Minimum Flow!!!
As state and national directives, such as CAL Green and LEED, continue to drive buildings to use less and less water, Leonard has stepped up to the challenge to support the needs of the industy. 0.375 GPM low flow aerators are now being used on faucets, and this presents a challenge to supply tempered water, as up until this point, most ASSE 1070 point-of-use valves had a minimum flow of 0.5 GPM. Well, the game changes now!!! Leonard's Model 170-LF (3/8" connections) and 270-LF (1/2") are now approved to ASSE 1070 with a minimum flow of 0.25 GPM! This is the lowest minimum flow of any 1070 POU in the market today! In addition, both valves are Lead Free certified, in advance of the national S.3874 mandate. Please contact your local Leonard represenative for product information and pricing.
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Leonard Valve - 100 Years and Counting
Leonard Valve is celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2013 as the leader in commercial, institutional and industrial marketplaces for all mixing valve technologies - continuing its market leadership role, forged from its founder, Frederick C. Leonard. It all started when Mr. Leonard became concerned about the delivery of safe, tempered water. Little did he know that he would spawn an entire industry. He began producing his patented thermostatic water mixing valves near Providence, R.I. - where the company still manufactures today and Leonard's original design has stood the test of time. Within the first year, Leonard valves were installed and operating throughout the New England area in hospital buildings and anywhere tempered water was required. The company foundation stood on sound engineering principles and unsurpassed service. Since 1913, Leonard Valve Company has been the quality leader in the manufacture of thermostatic water mixing valves. All Leonard water temperature control products are made of the highest quality materials and manufactured to the most critical engineering specifications. Below are articles writtent in both Plumbing Engineer and PM Engineer to highlight this notable accomplishment.
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Standard T&C's and Warranty
At Leonard, we always strive for excellence in customer satisfaction. In this continued effort, we have posted our Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale and Warranty information for your benefit. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (800) 222-1208.
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Legionnaires disease is a type of pneumonia caused by Legionella, a type of bacterium found primarily in warm water environments. Legionellae thrives on a narrow growth range of 68-122F, and facilities need to control the temperature of the water in their storage and delivery systems.
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