Face Wash/Multiple Eyewash Systems
Leonard offers a range of Thermostatic Water Mixing Valve systems to provide mixed water within specific temperature and flow ranges for multiple Eye and Eye/Face Wash applications (ANSI Z358.1-2004). All Leonard Type TM systems are factory assembled and tested.  
To determine the amount of Hot Water needed to maintain a steady outlet temperature for 15 minutes, click Hot Water Requirements
This guide is not meant to be used as a means to size the hot water heaters but rather to illustrate consumption.  
Sample Specifications  
Thermostatic Water Mixing to meet mandated flow and temperature requirements for Eye/Face Wash  
Locked temperature setting of 85° F (29° C)  
Integral supply checkstops, wall supports  
Outlet piping with dial thermometer (range 0° to 140° F, -10° to 60° C)  
Built in cold water by-pass to allow cold water to flow in case of hot water failure  
Optional temperature override protection with secondary thermostatic valve to open cold water upon temperature rise over the set point.  
Optional, lockable cabinets, recessed or exposed, viewport  
Product Name Description
TM-500-A Emergency Mixing Valve System
TM-500A-STSTL-EXP Emergency Mixing Valve System in a Cabinet
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