Eye/Face Wash in cabinet

Emergency Eye Wash in cabinet - Model 6020-LF-STSTL-REC

• DURA-trol® solid bimetal thermostat directly  linked  to  valve  porting to control the intake of 
hot and cold water and compensate for supply temperature and pressure fluctuations. DURA-trol® is 
highly responsive and cannot be damaged by extremes in temperature.
•    Thermostatic Mixing Valve can be set to the correct temperature for
the application.
•  Locking temperature regulator to prevent accidental movement set  for 85°F (29°C)
•    Mixing valve will close down on failure of cold water supply
• Mixing valve with special internal cold water bypass capable of 4 GPM (15 l/min) @ 30 PSI (2.1 
Bar) upon failure of hot water supply.
•    Maximum operating pressure: 125 PSI (860 KPA)
•    Adjustable high temperature limit stop * set for 90°F (32°C)
•    Integral wall support
•    Angle checkstops on inlets
•    Copper tubing ½” bottom inlets
•    Copper tubing ½” top outlet
•    Dial thermometer (range 0 to 140°F, -10 to 60°C)
•    Rough bronze finish
•    Compliance…………ANSI Z358.1
•    Available in Recessed stainless steel cabinet with hinged door and cylinder lock
•    Standard Viewport in door
•    Unit fits in a standard 2 x 4 wall cavity



Chrome Plated Finish CP
Stainless Steel Recessed Cabinet STSTL-REC
Top Inlets TOP
Megatron Nucleus Installed