Cabinet Assemblies - TM-322-26-LF

•   Thermostatic water mixing valve
• Dura-trol® solid bimetal thermostat directly linked to valve porting to control the intake of hot 
and cold water and compensate for supply temperature or pressure fluctuations. Dura-trol® is highly 
responsive and cannot be damaged by extremes in temperature.
•    Adjustable high temperature limit stop set for 120º F (49º C)
•    Integral checkstops, unions, wall support, cast lever handle
•    Cold water by-pass with shutoff
•    Tempered outlet with shutoff
•    Color coded dial thermometer (0 to140ºF, -10º to 60ºC)
•    Cabinet, left hand hinge and flange, door with cylinder lock
•    Bottom inlets, top outlet and cold water by-pass
•    Maximum operating pressure: 125 PSI (860 KPA)
•    Factory assembled and tested
•    LTR- Locking temperature regulator
Inlets 3/4"
Outlet 3/4"
Baked White Exposed Cabinet BWE-EXP
Baked White Recessed Cabinet BWE-REC
Cabinet, Valve Assembly Only STSTL-EXP
Chrome Plated Finish CP
Inlet Thermometers IT
Semi Recessed 4" Deep SEMI
Stainless Steel Recessed Cabinet STSTL-REC
Test Connection TC
Top Inlets TOP
Viewport in Cabinet Door VIEW
Megatron Nucleus Installed