Digital Water Temperature Control with Optional Remote Monitoring

Proton Electronic Mixing Valve - PNV-200-LF

 Digital Mixing Valve with 2” inlet, 2”
Outlet and integral RTD Sensor
 2" NPT inlets, 2" NPT outlet (51mm X 51mm)
 0.25 GPM** (.95 L/min) minimum flow capacity
 Maximum operating pressure: 200 PSIG (1379 KPA)
 Controls water temperature to ± 2°F in accordance with ASSE
 Controls water temperature to ± 2°F during times of low / no
system demand
 Automatic Hot/Cold Water shutoff upon cold/ hot water inlet
supply failure
 User programmable set point range between 65°F and 180°F
 UL Listed Control Box
 UL Listed 120V plug in power supply with 6’ cord
 Simple/intuitive user commissioning and setup
 Factory assembled and tested
Inlets 2"
Minimum Flow(GPM) .25
Outlet 2"
Back up Power Supply up to two hours in case of power loss BPS
Internet of Things-Modbus to WiFi gateway to cloud IOT
Megatron Nucleus Installed

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